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About The Show

“Forecasting Success” is a podcast focused on visionary thinking and innovation during times of growth and uncertainty.

With a rich background ranging from government service to consulting and lobbying, host Ryan Brannan brings a wealth of experience in understanding the intricate mechanisms that drive success in politics and business. The podcast explores every aspect of innovation—how it’s fostered, turned into decisive action, and woven into the fabric of organizational success, revolutionizing market dynamics.

In each episode, Brannan engages with a roster of visionaries and trailblazers across various sectors, delving into their personal sagas of managing risk and seizing opportunity. “Forecasting Success” probes the essence of innovation and staying at the forefront, especially amidst the ever-present clouds of uncertainty.

The show also casts a keen eye on emerging trends and policies poised to sculpt our world in the days ahead. Join Ryan Brannan as he demystifies the paths to progress and offers listeners a front-row seat to the narratives shaping our tomorrow.

Forecasting Success Podcast

Meet Your host

Ryan Brannan

Ryan Brannan, host of the Forecasting Success Podcast, is a top-ranked lobbyist, founder of the Brannan Firm, and Government Relations Advisor to ARAWC (Association of Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation).

Brannan’s impressive track record includes tenures as Commissioner of Workers’ Compensation under Governors Greg Abbott and Rick Perry, managing a substantial state agency budget and workforce. His comprehensive policy background is rooted in his early career in Washington, D.C., with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and his advisory role to Governor Rick Perry, covering diverse sectors from insurance to infrastructure.

A published authority, Ryan’s insights have graced multiple periodicals. He is also a seasoned attorney and business owner, having co-founded a non-profit and serving on various boards. Holding a B.A. and M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University and a law degree from the University of Oklahoma, he currently resides in Austin with his family and maintains active membership in the Texas and Austin Bar Associations.

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