If employers are more involved, how do we know they will do the right thing for injured workers?

  • First, Social Responsibility: Most Texas injury benefit employers take social responsibility very seriously. They commonly compete to be recognized locally and nationally as a “Best Place to Work.”
  • Second, Productivity and Profits: This is not the Industrial Age when workers were abundant and untrained. Employers today are highly incentivized to retain trained workers within a shrinking labor force and return injured employees to their pre-injury status and a productive job.
  • Third, Fiduciary Responsibility: The law requires it. Under Texas injury benefit programs, the claims administrator has fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of employees, and is personally liable if he/she fails to do so. No such employee protections exist within workers’ compensation programs.
  • Fourth, Negligence Liability Exposure. Stripped of the tradition and common law defenses, Texas employers without Workers’ Compensation have paid over 100 settlements and judgments of $1 million or more. This risk is real and a powerful force for good.