The Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation (ARAWC) is a national organization comprised of employers, workers’ compensation system providers, and industry experts dedicated to enacting state workers’ compensation alternatives (an Option) that deliver better outcomes to employees, while giving employers a choice in how they manage their injury benefits programs.

ARAWC is...

Dedicated to Protecting Employees Nationwide: By ensuring legislation puts employees first, promoting improved medical outcomes for injured employees while protecting their livelihood during the process, improving efficiency, and increasing communication and transparency among employers, employees, and medical professionals.

Committed to Providing Option Education and Advocacy: Through the building of coalitions, educating state policymakers, and providing strategic resources on the positive benefits of an Option to employees, employers, state governments and other interested parties.

A Leading Advocacy Organization Developing Option Legislation: Focused on working with state elected officials and policy leaders to enact effective alternatives to the existing state workers’ compensation system.

ARAWC Membership

ARAWC membership is comprised of national, regional and state employers, service providers, third party administrators, and workers’ compensation experts with a strong commitment to advocating for an Option to ensure the safety and care of employees nationwide.    

ARAWC member companies have extensive experience providing their employees with occupational injury benefit compensation plans under both traditional workers’ compensation programs and alternative benefit plans in Texas and Oklahoma.

ARAWC employers take pride in providing quality occupational injury benefit programs that are an innovative alternative to the traditional workers’ compensation programs.

Building upon that experience, ARAWC member employers and industry experts work together to bring forward innovative and timely solutions that address shortcomings inherent in traditional workers’ compensation systems.

ARAWC welcomes the participation of any company or organization with the same commitment to advocating for Option alternatives that provide better care and outcomes for employees.

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